beach1Like most women, I have always adored a suntan! Although I never tanned easily. When tanning beds came along, it was wonderful!! I could get that golden brown tan that my friends and family had. I own a tanning bed now, but never use it lately. Not that I have second thoughts, I just don’t have it set up at this time. You might think I’m crazy, but I still love it. IN MODERATION, I think it is a wondeful invention. Dermatologist’s prescibe it for patients with eczema and psoriasis. I personally know it eases arthritis pain, and it feels very good in the wintertime when it is cold. It also lifts my spirits, since it helps also with me with a condition called SAD. Although The American Cancer Society advises us not to use them….

NOW, for the really scary part: My father died from Malignant Melanoma. The worst kind of skin cancer. It invades the whole body via the bloodstream. It can show up in the brain, liver, lungs or anywhere it decides to “drop off” in the body. Some say it preys on the weakest part of the body. It went to his liver, lungs, brain, and spleen. AND, having had this experience you would think I’m crazy for even half-way thinking the sun is okay, or for using a tanning bed!

Well, like I said, MODERATION! And there are studies to support the fact that sunlight has MANY benefits, as well.

But in light of the fact that some people are MORE PRONE to skin cancer, please take caution, read up, and decide for yourself. And if you do get out in the sun, don’t over-do it. If you use a tanning bed PLEASE follow the instructions, and don’t stay longer than the suggested length of time in them. DEFINITELY don’t use it more than once in any 24 hour period!

What other options are there for getting that golden bronze look that so popular, and makes us feel so good?
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Spray Tanning: A Preferred Alternative To Sun Tan
Click HERE for more information on skin cancer from The Amercian Cancer Society.

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Getting a good night's sleep

Getting a good night's sleep

My own personal tips on getting a good night’s sleep:

  • Bath or shower…Of course! But with added smell-goodies! Lavender comes to mind for relaxation. One of my favorite products is Lavender Baby Wash, Dollar General brand is just as scrumptious as the more expensive brands.


 “In aromatherapy, lavender is used for treating depression, amenorrhea, burns, acne, rashes, arthritis, athlete’s foot, carpal tunnel syndrome, psoriasis, vaginitis, insomnia, pain, palpitations, anxiety and nervousness.”

Read more:

  • In winter, a fairly warm bed. How can you accomplish that?  
      1. Flannel sheets
      2. Heavy comforter. Down is delightful, but expensive. Try Wal-Mart comforters! I bought one for 29.00 back in early March with my birthday money, and love it!
      3. Hot water bottle for your toesies!
      4. When it is very cold  we do use an electric blanket.
      5. And, snuggle!!
    • In summer, a cool bed.
      1. An oscillating fan, window unit, or central air are perfect for keeping the room cool, and hence, the bed.
      2. Keep drapes drawn during the heat of the day.
      3. A light spray of your favorite perfume, body spray, or chilled water on your pillow and sheets, right before you get into bed.
      4. Cotton sheets! I can’t even think about poly/cotton sheets after using 100% cotton for many years! Thank you Grandma!
    • Fresh air. Slightly open a window for a breeze. It is said that stale air hinders your sleep, leaves you with a stuffy nose.
    • A clean room. Dust, dander and mites also contribute to a stuffy nose, sleepless nights, as well as other health hazards.
    • Lavender or roses linen spray.

    Yaaawn…All that makes me want to go to sleep right now!


  • glamourgirl15_cmh1BACK TO EDEN, by Jethro Kloss: “Baths are one of the most powerful means of affecting the human system in either health or disease.” Water alone is therapeutic, but with added herbs, salts, baking soda, or other natural things, it is downright awesome what water/bathing can do for our bodies, minds and spirits!

    My favorite: Sweet Orange essential oil, added to bath water.

    It calms the mind, bringing happiness and delight to the senses.